The UriĀ®

The most efficient way to unblock a urinal

  • Cleans your sewer cable as you pull it!
  • Pushes all of the calcification & sludge down the drain where it belongs
  • Replaces traditional hose (enables sewer cable operation with both hands)
  • Makes use of a local water source
  • 50% faster unblocking procedure
  • No call backs!
  • No chemicals needed!
  • No offensive urine smell in your truck!
  • Made in the USA

The Uri in Action

The Uri was invented to safely streamline the process of unclogging urinal pipes without the use of harmful chemicals.


How it works:

The patented design of the URI uses the local water source normally used to flush the urinal by attaching the hose bib assembly to the stop cock.


Traditionally a hose connected to a faucet is brought in to jet water down the drain pipe. The URI eliminates the need to source water from a place that is far away from your work area.


The URI tool can be quickly attached to the urinal wall mount and is connected to the water source via braided hose.  The sewer cable (I use a Spartan 100) is inserted down the drain pipe while the Uri shoots a jet of high pressure water down the pipe washing away what the sewer cable unplugs.   Because the wall mount is directing the water, this leaves you with both hands free to work with the sewer cable.  As the cable is pulled from the pipe the jet of water cleans off your sewer cable leaving the mess in the sewer where it belongs.    The sewer cable comes out clean.  In turn, this leaves you with a cleaner truck and without the offensive urine smell that normally are a bi product of performing procedure.

Specs & Pricing

  • 3/4 hose bib stop cock attachment
  • Ball Valve
  • Stainless braided hose
  • Uri Connector
  • Constructed from High Quality Brass and steel parts
  • Fits any wall mount urinal
  • Strong long lasting powder coating
  • Includes Spacers for varying wall situations
  • Case included for compact storage
  • A must have plumbing tool for those who want to complete their jobs as efficient as possible

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Designed and tested by Mike Paar a Licensed Commercial and Residential Plumbing Contractor with 21 years of experience.  The Uri tool has been used extensively on all types of projects ranging from Hospitals to Gas Stations.

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